domingo, 28 de enero de 2007

Advantages of adopting sustainable practices.

"Because I think that the most important thing to happen this past year was that living and thinking ''green'' -- that is, mobilizing for the environmental/energy challenge we now face -- hit Main Street.
We reached a tipping point this year -- where living, acting, designing, investing and manufacturing green came to be understood by a critical mass of citizens, entrepreneurs and officials as the most patriotic, capitalistic, geopolitical, healthy and competitive thing they could do."

As Thomas Friedman defines in his December 2006 article in the The New York Times, a new set of new behavioral changes are coming.
As in Surf, those who anticipate and prepare for these changes will benefit. Surf is about anticipating changes in the sea, it requires patience and focus on the horizon. Waves come in sets. The best surfers are those who anticipate the wave sets, they row towards the income sea masses in order to position themselves at thebreak pointanddropfor a great ride. Those who don't, either experience a “wipe out”, or are driven to the shore by the braking waves.
Likewise, with the upcoming changes that a new sustainable conscientious consumer will impose, many farsighted companies are looking to adjust their practices to adapt to these behavioral changes.

Some will be in the right spot when changes occur, some won't………


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