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Saving Africa: New media, Branding, Blogging or Second Life?

Saving Africa has become a worldwide crusade:
Google shows 73,900,000 Results / options for save africa. in (0.11 seconds)
but amazingly there is only One Sponsored Link.

The world is screaming for awareness on Africa’s problems, and hopefully, we will soon demand solutions.

It seems as if we are reaching a moment of understanding, where the problems of Africa are no longer theirs, but ours, of all of us, as we realize that we are all members of a small global community called planet earth.

Will we produce solutions? Or we will just keep building an intolerable consciousness on the subject.
Bill Drayton says: Understanding the problem is halfway to the solution.

But People need to be responsibly informed in order to understand.
Apparently New Media is coming up with some interesting ways of doing so.
Here are someexamples:
Discussion in the blogosphere: Technorati throughs 62,405 Blogs discussing save africa, this is one of them
There is version of Camp Darfur in Second Life for anybody wanting to have a virtual experience
of walking through a ghosttown of a refugee camp, victimized by years of torture and genocide.
Second Life also offers a live discussion with Mia Farrow on the problems of Darfur

and the assortment of videos in YouTube on the matter:

Which brings us to Bono and the critisizim he is receiving for the outcome of Product Red campaign: They spent 100 Million dollars on marketing people the idea of consuming RED products but the commercial results, for those waiting for this money in Africa, were a disaster, since they only raised 18 million dollars.

But if conciousness is one of the necessary steps to a solution, Bono’s actions are having a positive impact: He constantly brings the Africa HIV problem to the head lines. People are listening. They are reacting. Maybe the first step to resolve this problem is wearing a RED distinctive product. Maybe this is the only way Bono can contribute to this cause.
But which is yours?
Get informed

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