miércoles, 9 de mayo de 2007

Perspectives on Triple Bottom line

20 years as managing director in Investment banking and Private equity funds, looking solely for economic value creation, for a 35% IRR for investors seems difficult to U-turn. But surprisingly, once you pass the intangible threshold (and you find it its not only possible, but the business of this century, which is in the midts of disruptive transformations, that occur faster that we can comprehend) you understand that its not a swerve that occurs but a simple changing of lanes.

Those years of Bulls and Bear... suspenders...

The signals are clear. The largest retailers of the US are adopting sustainable practices; Hundreds of consumers go through Wal Mart and Home Depot every week and receive a message.
(To those that claim greenwashing, I ask, "does it matter"?)
We Media is grouping conscientious consumers in thousands of participating communities; Myspace’s population has reached that of the ten largest countries of the world.

To the point….
My friend Carlos P. made a magnificent comparison today, he compared it to the sunset.
"Do you know", he said, "that between the actual sunset and what we see, there is an eight-minute delay"?
"If the sun had been turned off, we would only realize eight minutes after."

It's a question of time.

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