viernes, 2 de febrero de 2007

Lesson three: Web 3.0 Radical transparency, Collective intelligence

You are not alone, there is a community "out there" of participative individuals, I call them "Wikiduals" always online, willing to help.

Tap The Hivemind:
"Throw everything you've got online, and invite the world to look at it. They'll have more and better ideas that you could have on your own, more and better information than you could gather on your own, wiser and sager perspective than you could gather in 1,000 years of living -- and they'll share it with you. You'll blow past the secret-keepers as if you were driving a car that exists in a world with different and superior physics. Like we said, information used to be rare ... but now it's so ridiculously plentiful that you will never make sense of it on your own. You need help, and you need to help others."

via collision detection for upcoming Wired feature: "Radical Transparency"

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